George Joachim DC DABCR

Dr. Joachim will present a live local patient case of spinal stenosis under care in his practice at the time of the course: history, examination findings, diagnosis, current treatment (in office and at home), current status, treatment demonstration, and patient testimonial.


James Dozier MD

Neurosurgical spinal surgery for back pain management is an option for back pain patients with spinal stenosis. Dr. Dozier will present today’s neurosurgical approaches and their clinical outcomes. Interdisciplinary surgical and chiropractic spine care will be discussed.


Robert Shugart MD

Orthopedic surgery for back pain management is common. Dr. Shugart will share the current options available to patients who may require such as well as the clinical outcomes. His experience with disc replacement and spine fusion will presented as well as interdisciplinary care of spine patients with chiropractors. 

INTERDISCIPLINARY RESEARCH & PHYSICAL THERAPY: The "Boot Camp" Approach to Spinal Stenosis Care

Michael Schneider DC PHD

Christopher Bise PT, MS, DPT, OCS

Collaborating with fellow healthcare providers is the way of the future for back pain management. At the University of Pittsburgh School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences, such collaboration has evolved and been fine-tuned for years for chiropractic integration and collaboration in such a setting with Dr. Michael Schneider’s presence there. He and his physical therapist colleague, Dr. Christopher Bise, will share how such collaboration enhances spinal stenosis patient care as well as professional collegiality. They will share details of the care they used in the clinical trial (published in JAMA Network Open) for treating lumbar spinal stenosis (LSS) that combined manual treatment (DC) with rehab exercises (PT) as well as the psychosocial challenges that arise when dealing with the clinical management of older adults with LSS.


Gregory Sowles PhD HPSS LMHC

Having back pain for any length of time challenges the mental and psychological states of a patient. Dr. Sowles will discuss depression in back pain patients, its role and its management. No one involved in spine care escapes the nocebo response of chronic pain.


David Bojrab MD

Pain is a driving factor for back pain patients seeking relieving care. Dr. Bojrab will share the latest in pharmacological options as well as spinal implants and their clinical outcomes. Spinal cord and dorsal root ganglion spine stimulators will be presented for clinical value as well as in the treatment of post surgical continued pain patients. 

Presentations Continued...



Rudy Kachmann MD

Dr. Kachmann’s life as a neurosurgeon taught him that there is much more to healing and health than surgery and drugs. Dr. Kachmann’s work with patients now focuses on eating, thinking, meditating for health and a healthy spine. His numerous textbooks on the Mind Body Connection are futuristic concepts for all healing arts disciplines.


Donald Urban MD

Incontinence is a common finding among patients with back pain and spinal stenosis. Dr. Don Urban will share the latest medical technology for nerve root stimulation to successfully manage this problem.


Kurt Olding DC FACO

Spinal stenosis back pain patients often have balance issues, increasing their risk of falls. Dr. Kurt Olding will share the currently submitted IRB clinical study of any demonstrable objective changes in balance (using the BTrackS System) after flexion distraction treatment of spinal stenosis in hopes of balance improvement and fall prevention.


Attendees (pre-arranged) will share clinical cases of spinal stenosis they have managed and/or unique treatment experiences involving interdisciplinary care for the benefit of suffering patients seeking pain relief from spinal stenosis causes.


Lee Hazen DC / Cheri Hazen RN ICHC LHC FNLP

“Practicing chiropractic care in an integrative functional medicine center for the past 5 years has been among the most rewarding clinical experiences of my career,” shares Dr. Lee Hazen. He will share this experience and relate some of the advantages that can be had for the doctor and the patient in a multidisciplinary functional medicine practice. His wife, Cheri Hazen, is a member of the team in the practice as a  certified Health Coach via the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. With her formal training prior to this being as a registered nurse, Cheri brings understanding of the medical and chiropractic approaches to the integrative care system to help patients find their abilities to manage their pain in healthy ways.  


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